Google/Microsoft Comparisons

There have been a lot of people comparing today’s Google with the Microsoft of yesteryear. Many claim that Google is on their way to becoming a Microsoft-like behemoth of the internet. And I say, “So What?” More often than not, people whine about Microsoft because they can. There are other options out there, but they go on plodding along with their Windows computers. I for one think Bill Gates is one of the premier business minds of our time.

Obviously, from recent history, the guys behind Google aren’t all that bad at business either. They have an excellent product and have expanded upon that product with increasing fervor. Go Google.
Maybe we can look forward to ‘Loogle’? There are plenty of alternative services that replicate the ones google provides. Why not use them? Because, like Microsoft, Google has done most of it right the first time. I’m not saying that either company’s products are perfect(Blue screen of death?) but when a company becomes as all-encompassing as these two have, they obviously are doing something right. Rather than whine about their monopolistic properties, why don’t you go out and push some other product thats better? Maybe because you can’t always find a better product.

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