Google’s Next move?

With all the jabber going around about Google’s new stock issuance and the specific statement that some of the 4 billion dollars that it will raise could be used for aquiring other companies, I thought, what the heck. I’ll throw in my two cents. There has also been a lot of talk about Google’s impending IM software possibly being released tomorrow. Now how cool would it be if you had a quasi-universal IM program that allowed you to chat with all of your friends and allowed you to talk to them for free with a VOIP software.

So… How much would it cost Google to purchase Skype? Think 4 billion would cover it? I do. And it would be the perfect compliment to an IM program. Think about this… An integrated online messenger service and VOIP phone service. The only fees would be for Skype calls outside of the IP network.

I guess we have a couple of weeks(or months) to see if I’m right, but you heard it here first. And maybe the headline will read: “Search Giant Google buys Skype VOIP service for xxx million.”

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