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Google/Microsoft Comparisons

There have been a lot of people comparing today’s Google with the Microsoft of yesteryear. Many claim that Google is on their way to becoming a Microsoft-like behemoth of the internet. And I say, “So What?” More often than not, people whine about Microsoft because they can. There are other options out there, but they go on plodding along with their Windows computers. I for one think Bill Gates is one of the premier business minds of our time.

Obviously, from recent history, the guys behind Google aren’t all that bad at business either. They have an excellent product and have expanded upon that product with increasing fervor. Go Google.
Maybe we can look forward to ‘Loogle’? There are plenty of alternative services that replicate the ones google provides. Why not use them? Because, like Microsoft, Google has done most of it right the first time. I’m not saying that either company’s products are perfect(Blue screen of death?) but when a company becomes as all-encompassing as these two have, they obviously are doing something right. Rather than whine about their monopolistic properties, why don’t you go out and push some other product thats better? Maybe because you can’t always find a better product.


Finally, after much tweaking and toying, the Thatedeguy blog has a new look and it’s own place to call its home. I’ve switched over to start using WordPress as the backend for the blog instead of Blogger, which seems awfully buggy to me.

It seems that Blogger has a bit of a bug whereby there are times when you’ll go to a blog and get a completely different blog, except that the url and everything says your at the blog you want to be at. If you leave a comment on the blog you ended up seeing, it leaves it on the blog you wanted in the first place. This of course caused a bit of confusion when I was checking my comments and had comments that quite obviously did not belong to my blog. So… The switch to WordPress was on.

And now with it done I really like the results and am hoping the blog thrives here.

New Digs for Thatedeguy Blog…

As you all have no doubt noticed, you now get redirected when you try to visit the old address and get sent here. Well, this is the new home of Thatedeguy blog and it is suiting it just fine. Of course, I’ve had some moving pains along the way, but I think it’s gonna work out just fine. Please adjust all bookmarks and links to the new address.

Thanks, and Have a splendid day,

Call for Help is back on US Television

Leo and the crew on Call For Help are going to be back on G4TV here in the states. According to Leo’s blog on This Week in Tech says it should be a lot more like the old Screen Savers shows than the old Call for Help which is A-ok with me. Screen Savers used to be all I watched when it was still TechTv. Starting August 29th, you can catch CFH at 11am eastern M-F and at 6 and 7 am Eastern on weekends. Also, Kevin Rose (lately from Diggnation) has promised to show up on CFH twice a week, which promises to add a little extra to the show. Tune in and get their ratings up so it gets moved to a better timeslot so that those of us without MythTV or TIVO can watch.