Rejected by Adsense

I just received the e-mail that stated that Google Adsense would not be approving my application for Google Adsense on this blog. Not that it really matters, since I think that at this point I’m the only one who reads it anyways, but I find it fairly ironic that both Adsense and Blogger(the host of this blog) are owned by Google, and they still wouldn’t approve it. Seems to me that they would be getting double income from it, but I guess that doesn’t matter much.

Of course what really steams me about the situation is the reasoning that they gave for denying the application:

“We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


– Page type


Further detail:

Page type: Your website is a type of website that we do not currently
accept into our program. Such websites include, but are not limited to,
chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting, and sites
that use excessive keywords in the content or code of their pages.”

I don’t think that this qualifies as a chat site, and it isn’t a cybersquatting site(and if it were, wouldn’t google be the one in violation then?) and I haven’t done anything with content or keywords yet, so exactly whats the problem?

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