Starting a Business episode 1

A friend of mine approached me in May of this year with a plan. He
and two of his friends wanted to start a business. And while we all
were technologically savvy, we decided that a tech related business
would be a good idea. After bouncing several ideas off of each other
and deciding that coming up with capital seed money for anything was
going to be hard for us, we decided upon a web-based Linux business.
Unfortunately, as most of you probably know, Linux is Open-Source.
This poses a problem in that everyone can download Linux for free, so
how do we go about making money with it. Initially, we began to think
that a online magazine would be a good spot to start, however, we
eventually turned to the Distroofthemonth idea.
The idea is that there are some(admittedly more than I had expected at
this point) people who either don’t know which Linux distro to use or
like using Linux so much that they feel the need to try each and every
new one that is out there. All that testing out of Linux Distro’s can
be time and bandwidth consuming. Thats where distroofthemonth comes
in. We would(do now) ship a new Linux distro to each of our
subscribers each month accompanied by an e-mail that outlines the
various changes, cool features, etc.. in the distro that we are
I’ll go into a little more detail about the setup of the business and
getting it off of the ground in episode 2. ta ta for now.

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