Boisea trivittatis A.K.A Arch-Enemy

Boisea trivittatis, otherwise known as the insect scourge of my life. You probably know them as Box Elder Bugs.

Every spring and fall, these sorry S.O.B’s congregate on the south side of my house. I can’t walk outta the damn door on that side without 5 or 6 of the bastards lighting upon me. And they weasel their way into the house where you find them crawling all over the dishes and the furniture. Appearantly, they are fairly harmless since the larger of my dogs seems to eat about 2 a day when they are in season. Which seems to last about 2 months after it warms up in the spring and about 2 months when it starts to cool off in the fall.

Every day, at lunch and after work, I spend 15 minutes outside with my trusty spray bottle loaded with a squirt or so of dish soap and water and I spray the bastards where they lie. It’s funny actually, some people spend good money on pesticides to kill them. I buy a bottle of the cheapest dish soap Walmart has and spray em down. The stuff is nearly instant too. The bugs stop moving in less than 60 seconds then fall to the ground dead.

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  1. Heheh… google is trying to sell me soap dishes and bug control. Apparently it’s not sure what to think of your post. I was told that those buggers basically eat dust for food so they’re pretty much completely harmless though annoying.