I couldn’t help but laugh

Numerous people who stayed in Washington, D.C. after Saturday’s Anti-Iraq War protest were arrested in front of the pentagon and the White House on Monday. Cindy Sheehan, recently of the Bush Ranch protest in Crawford, TX, was among the first to be arrested.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The media makes such a big deal out of it, and all these people are doing is trying to make Iraq a new Vietnam. Sure, at least they aren’t spitting on the soldiers, but that is eventually where this will go.

Let me give you a little history so you don’t think that I’m talking out of my ass here. My brother is a United States Marine. He served three, yes thats 3, tours of duty in Iraq. His unit was one of the first across the Kuwait border when it began and he just came back from his third tour in early August. I’m proud of my brother and what he and his fellow servicemen have done. I hail him as a hero and would continue to do so even if he hadn’t made it back.

What I would not do, however, is sully his name and drag it through the mud like Cindy Sheehan has done with her son’s name. Trying to stop the war and bring back our troops for her son’s memory. Bullshit. Her son chose the path he walked. He died walking it. He was a hero. And corrupting his memory in the way that she is should be branded heresy. She should be jailed for treason against the memory of a hero. I daresay that her husband(soon to be ex-husband) feels the same way. What did she think her son was signing up for? The girl scouts?

I won’t say that I wish Cindy harm, but it’s damn close. Somebody should slap the [explitive deleted] across the face and tell her to wake up. People die on our own soil everyday for far less honorable causes.

It’s time to honor your son Cindy! Stop this foolishness.

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