Ebay Adventures vol.2

So, I told you about our garage sale winnings.

Well, my wife happened to mention it to her parents and next thing you know, we have several hundred items parading around our office that they have decided that they no longer want. We agreed to list and ship the items, and they cut us in on the profit(a little too much I might add).

I have found it very perplexing to try and guess which items are going to sell well and which are not. Sometimes the most odd things will sell nearly the second you list them and then others will take two, sometimes three 7-day listings to actually sell.

One item in particular, my father-in-law rescued from a office building that was being renovated. The pair of candlesticks were being thrown out and he asked if he could take them, which he ended up doing. He said that he thought they looked nice so he took them home. However many years later, he decides he doesn’t want them, so we get them to sell on Ebay. An $80.00 final bid later and we’re all pretty happy.

Of course, the mild success we’ve had has encouraged my wife to do more garage sales, but she mostly just looks for stuff to sell on Ebay, so thats ok with me. It has also encouraged the both of us to try and find a better way to make more consistent money on Ebay. We live up in the northern half of the states and garage sale season only lasts about 4 months. Anybody got any ideas? Leave em in the comments.

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  1. Hey, more power to ya! I’ve been doing this all summer and am making about 50K a year! I’m just a housewife. I write a blog about it. I give tips on what to look for and where to look. The sky is the limit on how much you can make on eBay just by buying stuff at garage sales. In the off season, just go to auctions. I recently bought a mahogany table and chairs set for $220 at an auction and sold it all in two seperate auctions on eBay for a total of $1200. Not a bad profit margin. Best of luck to you and your wife! Most of all, HAVE FUN!!