Ebay Adventures vol.3

So, many several months have passed since we began selling off all of my in-laws stuff and we still get surprises. A pair of old breyer horses sells within 15 minutes of being listed.

We have had to slow down on the garage sales as the weather is beginning to turn a little cold way up here, and the end of summer has been so damn busy for the both of us. We did find a few good items the other day though. My wife seems to have taken a liking to the one, so we’ll see if we sell it or not. If we don’t I think it would only be the second item that we have bought from a garage sale all year and not resold on Ebay. The first was a gas grill for $5, the second is a vintage Nintendo which of course had to come with her favorite game on it. Of course, the funny thing is that it came with several other games which I should be able to sell and recoup the price of the system at the very least, so I don’t have all that hard of a time keeping it.

We have decided that we are going to try and hit a few auctions this winter to see if the same potential exists there as it does at garage sales. I think that the competition for items may end up proving the profit margin too light, but you never know, so try it we will.

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  1. Ooo auctions… drop me a line if you hear about one, I’d love to check them out too.