Ebay Adventures

I’ve been an active member of Ebay since 1998. Nearly the entire life of Ebay. Up until this summer, I usually buy or sell one or two items every couple of months.

Of course I say up until this summer. Early this summer, my wife and I decided that we should go garage sale shopping. It’s something we have done every summer for something to do. I ended up finding a box of misc. Nintendo Gameboy items. Included were 3 different gameboy systems, along with 15 gameboy games. I’ve never gotten into the handheld games myself, but I bought it, for one because it was only $10.00 and for two because I knew I could get at least that out of it on Ebay.

Lets just say that I made my money back and then some on it. All told, I made very nearly $80.00 off of the contents of that $10.00 box. My wife and I have gone to garage sales every weekend since.

We have found several good items and gambled on several more. So far… we have come close to making $400.00 off of the stuff we have found this summer at garage sales. Not bad for a couple hours each weekend and another two or three during the week listing and shipping.

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