Katrina not worthy of the worlds Aid?

So why is it that when third world countries in southeast Asia get hit hard by a natural disaster that every other country in the world demands that everyone else gives aid and now that the U.S.A is hit by the largest natural disaster in many years nobody wants to give to our aid except for Israel?


Just because we are a world power does not mean that this hasn’t brought us to our knees. Al Queda could never come up with something to affect us in the same way. Where are the other countries who call themselves our allies? If they had a disaster like this, do you think they would hesitate to ask for help? Or do you think that the U.S. would hesitate to offer it? NO.

Maybe it’s time to get the damn U.N. off of U.S. soil and tell them all to go fark(trying to keep it clean) themselves. We’ll do it all ourselves. Just like we did in World War I and World War II and just like we are doing in the Middle East now(aside from the token troops from other countries except for the U.K. who gets props.).

For those of you who actually do want to help, I suggest donations to your favorite charity, and if you don’t have a favorite, try out the American Red Cross.

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