Patriots: 30 Raiders: 20

After the “tuck rule” made a debacle out of NFL rules a couple of years ago, there is nothing I would have liked than to see my Raiders dethrone the Defending Champion Patriots. And after the first Raider offensive drive, I thought for sure that I might see it. With the additions of Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan in the offseason, their offense looked pretty sharp for the first half. The defense showed signs of being able to defend against the run this year, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t still using that “swiss cheese” pass defense that they’ve used the last couple of years. The pass defense last night was horrid. Tom Brady had free will to complete anything he wanted to, and he did. Two long third down completions to the Patriots TE were completely unacceptable. Especially when there is a safety covering him. I could understand it if it were a linebacker, but a safety?

Overall, the Oakland Raiders made some pretty good plays offensively that show promise for a good offensive season, but if their defense doesn’t come to play about 200% more than they did last night, they’ll be lucky to reach 8 wins and don’t stand a chance at the playoffs.

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