Quick Rant on the Roberts Confirmation

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard something about Judge Roberts and his [tag]confirmation hearings over the last few days. I happened to hear a little here and there about it and the overwhelming thought I’ve had about it all is: Seriously People.

I realize that the guy will have a pretty hefty say in the shape of our laws to come and even some that are laws already, but lets not read into it too much. One comment I heard was that the answer that Judge Roberts gave was not the correct one. Then two of the senators argued back and forth for a few seconds about how it was his answer and there really wasn’t a correct answer when you were asking someone about his interpretation of the law. This is true. Judge Roberts will be confirmed to the [/tag]Chief Justice seat in the highest court in the country and his interpretation of the law will be a factor, but just because his interpretation doesn’t meet yours does not mean that he is wrong.

My biggest point with all of this is that the supreme court seats are supposed to be non-political. I know, I know, thats really fairly impossible. But for the most part, they are. The justices are supposed to interpret the laws based on the Constitution of the United States. Justice Kennedy has never done that. Hopefully Roberts will, but I have to believe also that there will be some of his votes that are swung by political or personal beliefs. It just happens.

So why the rigamarole? Mostly so the Senators can save face and say that they fought the confirmation.

It’s all political meandering for a non-political position folks.

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