Rare White Giraffe Spotted

A rare White Giraffe was finally spotted and captured on film after being rumored to exist since 1993. While Charles Foley(the researcher that took the picture) does not believe that this Giraffe is the same one that was seen in 1993 it is still a once in a lifetime find for him. The lower sections of its legs are the normal brown color, while the rest of the body is white with dark spots. Foley believes that the Giraffe is not an Albino, but merely a lighter colored Giraffe.
White Giraffe

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  1. When the white giraffe is caught on a picture, then someone will see that the white giraffe exists and it is not just a legend. It will eventually spread to a poacher and they could possibly find it. BAD NEWS!!! They will kill it and sell it for millions of dollars. There may only be 1 on the planet earth!