Starting a business vol 3

So we covered the basics of forming the company. We formed a four way LLP with some solid safeguards and checks and balances to keep us all fairly happy and protected.

Because our business was going to be predominantly an online business, we obviously needed an online presence. After several versions and about 30 different versions of the header and logo, we ended up with what we have now. One important thing to point out is that we obviously were and are taking money for the subscription based service that we are selling. As a result of that we needed to find a way to collect those funds. There are numerous options for resolving this. The option we ended up choosing is PayPal. We chose it because we were able to take the monies without having the complex cart and checkout software directly on our site, which helped us with the hassle of going live with the site. We also chose PayPal because, as a whole, the service that they provide is pretty good.

With payment taken care of, we were then ready to begin selling the service and see if we could get any takers. As a matter of course, we did find a few takers(no, I’m not gonna tell you how many:)) and I’ll take a look at the ways we went about getting traffic to our site and the methods that didn’t work very well at all in vol 4.

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