48 down, 613200 to go

So, It’s really a little more than 48 hours now, but that seems like a nice round number. Yesterday was less than fun. I still haven’t had any true withdrawl symptoms, but I’ve had cravings like crazy. Spent most of Yesterday Afternoon and evening fighting the urge to give in and buy a pack. Every time I’ve tried quitting before, I’ve always given in to that urge and usually thought, well I’ll just have one. But if you buy a pack, you end up having a pack, not just one.

Had to fight that urge again this afternoon when I stopped for gasoline. Sidenote: I can’t believe that Gas is back down to $2.50.

So far this afternoon, the urges/cravings haven’t been nearly as bad. Here’s hoping that I don’t give in to them like I have every other time I’ve tried to quit.

Another interesting tidbit: Amount I’ve saved by not buying cigarettes = approx. $2.35. I smoked about 6-7 cigarettes a day. Thats 1 pack roughly every third day. Cigarettes are roughly $3.00 a pack here. So I’m saving $1.00 a day that I don’t smoke. $30 bucks a month, $365 a year. Hello Playstation 3! Course there are plenty of other expenses and at the moment I’m spending that $1.00 a day on my increased appetite from the no smoking.

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  1. I just figured out my yearly cost at 1.5 packs per day at $3.00 a pack. $1638 a year! Wow! Hello boat!!

    After 72 hours it get easier. At least that’s what I went through, last time.