90 hours down, I’ll stop counting

So It’s well over 90 hours smoke free so far and I’m gonna stop counting in hours. Hopefully, I’ll start counting in days and weeks. It still hasn’t been nearly as bad as the first 2448 hours, but I still have nearly constant cravings and the urge to go buy or bum a smoke. They are a little easier to ignore than they were before, but are still there never the less. I’d like to think that they will get better soon but I have no anticipation of that anytime in the too near future. A month or so down the road maybe, but not before.

I haven’t really found too many good resources for the quitter in us all, but that’s mostly because I haven’t really been looking. So far, it hasn’t been all that bad, but I’m hoping to start looking so that I can at least have a few references just in case.

TheTruth is a interesting site. You know them from those tv ads that they filmed outside of the tobacco companies buildings with the big orange signs. Frankly, I hated their ads when I was a smoker and I still do. The ads are just as propaganda-ized(is that a word?) as any tobacco ad I’ve ever seen. If your going to slander a company as badly as they have, at least show me the truth from both sides of the coin.

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