Bush nominates Miers to Supreme Court

President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Conner on the Supreme Court bench on Monday. There has been lots and lots of talk about how Bush did so in order to not have a big fight in congress during the confirmation.

I see it two ways:

  1. Bush doesn’t want a confirmation fight so he selects someone who is fairly middle of the road politically( she has contributed to both Democrats and Republicans campaigns). This could be a smart move. It creates a shorter confirmation hearing and in essence improves Bush’s political standing. It could also be looked at as cowtowing to the minority Democrats. We will see soon whether this choice has eliminated a confirmation battle.
  2. Bush figures on having a battle for the confirmation of the nominee, so chooses someone who has no Judicial experience as a Judge. The effect of this could be that Miers is a sure non-confirmation allowing for Bush to make his real nomination after He and the media berate Congress for their lack of action. This becomes a smart move because the next nominee could have an easier road to confirmation and could be someone whom Bush likes more for the position.

Two reasons for Harriet Miers’ nomination. Two results as well. The next month or so should reveal why and what for.

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