Few more Stop Smoking Links

Here are a few more links to some interesting info for quitters:

How to Quit: Center for Disease Control Web Site

Dr. Bob’s Quit Smoking Page: Plenty of info. (Caution: Horrible HTML/Frames design.) If you can handle the ugly design of the page, there is a lot of good information here. Like this

Craving may be more intense with nicotine tapering than with cold turkey quitting…

What happens when you stop smoking Fact sheet no 11: Quick and concise fact sheet with most of the most pertinent facts for smokers(wannabe quitters)

P.S. Four days and counting…

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  1. You might have seen this over at /. today, but MIT is publishing a report today on why bad habits are hard to break. Blame it on the basal ganglia.

  2. Congrats!

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