First 24 in the books

So, I’ve decided that I am going to quit smoking. I smoked the last cigarette I had yesterday and the first 24 hours are in the books. I only smoked about 6-7 a day anyways, so hopefully, the nicotine withdrawl that I keep hearing about won’t be too bad. I honestly believe that my addiction is more mental than physical, but I’m about to find out one way or the other.

I read somewhere that keeping a diary or log of the process helps keep a person focused, so I thought that I’d let my faithful readers( who am I kidding) in on the fun. I’m also hoping to have a few extra resources posted here soon so that maybe some others can be helped as well.

So far the first 24 haven’t been all that bad. Started getting the craving for my before bed smoke last night, but that wasn’t all that bad. The worst so far has been just recently. I’m very used to having a mid morning break at about 10:00 AM and the cravings got pretty damn bad round about then. They are starting to wane a little now, but then I usually have a smoke on the way to lunch and one on the way back. I think the worst of the habits I had with smoking is having one after a meal. Now, every time I eat anything, I get cravings. Luckily, I get to keep my morning coffee. Of course, there are few things as pleasurable as a cup of coffee and a smoke.

I also haven’t been out on the town since I stopped, so the first time I do that will be a challenge. Having worked in the bars in town for several years, I know way too many people that would gladly “borrow” me a smoke if I asked. Luckily, we have plans to be out of town this weekend, so won’t have to deal with that just yet.

Here’s to the next 24…

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  1. Good luck with that Ed.

    I remember when I quit chewing tobacco. It was hell for about a month. Even now I still miss it.

    I wish I’d never started.

  2. A while back, I quit, “cold turkey“. I was a non-smoker for almost two months. For some reason (I gave it an excuse, at the time) I started, again. Right now, I’m back up to a pack-and-a-half a day.

    Your post caught my eye, because I was actually planning to quit, again (this time, for good) tomorrow.