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I happened to be perusing the EFF website and came upon a small square ad on one of their pages to the Leave My Child Alone Organization. The fact that this organization is linked on the EFF website has made me think twice about ever giving the EFF any money at all.

Basically, what it boils down to is that the Leave My Child Alone Org is campaigning for people to “opt-out” their children from the military database that the pentagon keeps. While I can agree that the database is somewhat illegal, it’s not like they are forcing the best off of their list to enlist. Only those who choose to enlist are in the armed forces. So… what’s the point of “opting out”? We trust the Pentagon with the defense of our country and it’s interests, so why can’t we trust them with a list of our children? Shit, while we are on the subject, the IRS has a list of every living person in the country with all of their information. Yes, that includes your children. Try opting out of that list.

Frankly, you can “opt-out” your children all you want, but the fact of the matter is that when they graduate high-school and have that decision to make, they will either enlist or not. Say what you want to them, they will still do what they want to. Good thing your wasting all your money on opting them out now.

Basically boils down to anti-American. The price of Freedom must be paid, and we aren’t gonna pay it with daisies and pollution.

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  1. Yep – but if you do find a way for me to opt-out of the IRS list… lemme know ok?

  2. On the whole IRS database thing. They really don’t have a complete database of children. Or I should say they only have people who have filed tax returns on file. Now I do have it on good word that they have access to pretty much every other national and state level database you could want. DMV, state revenue info, military service, employment records, driving records, criminal background etc etc… But children aren’t in their database until the first time they file taxes. I sure wish I’d never filed 😉