Leo Laporte info I didn’t know

So, I’m cruising around the Leo Laporte Empire last night and happen upon a link to his resume. Typical mumbo jumbo for the most part. Until you get to the education part.

Education Chinese History major, Yale University, 1973-76

First thing I notice? The Chinese History Major part. Wow! I guess I got the wrong degree for a job like Leo’s. Silly me went with the CS degree. Jake over at Jake’s Corner and SGB must have known something that I didn’t, as he has a degree in History and Political Science.(Jake: You’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong.)

Second thing I notice? YALE! I knew Leo was a smart cookie, but holy cow. Nope, Jake doesn’t have a Yale degree. (Neither do I if you were wondering)

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  1. I think its a history major thing. I’m sure leo understands. The CS major was too restricted for a free spirited geek like me.

    Maybe its a matter of the extreams… when your hobbies and jobs are on the cutting edge – one fills their mind with the other end of things. Such as troop deployments of Alexander the great.

  2. Well of course he’s a Chinese History Major, Yale’s CS program is only rated like 10th in the nation. 🙂

    I suspect they may not have offered much of a CS major in 73′ either. It’s funny how many people in that age range ended up doing something computer related and have a degree in a completely unrelated field. I guess you never know where you’ll end up in 20 years.

  3. Oh and one other thing. Did you notice he has an Emmy Award?

  4. That’s right, Brady. He won it for playing the CGI character Dev Nul on the short-lived MSNBC show “The Site” with Soledad O’Brien.