Mayor and City Counsel bend under light pressure

Thunder from Down Under. Doesn’t sound all that bad really. Nearly sounds like one of those cliche Australian wrestler names. What it really amounts to is a group of male dancers. Appearantly they put on a strip/comedy show of some sort. And appearantly that was just too much for a few people here in Jamestown, ND, population 14920.

The city counsel here in Jamestown had already paid the Thunder from Down Under crew $7000.00 as a deposit for their performance at the Civic center here in town. Then all heck broke loose. The city counsel received a few threatening e-mails and a petition with 27 signatures on it from the city Ministerial Association, and all of a sudden an emergency meeting is called and the show was canceled. And all of a sudden, the city counsel finds itself in the news nation wide.

Can you say rediculous? Have I mentioned that the Civic center has been used to hold Ultimate fighting competitions? Why is it that we can go see men beat the hell out of each other but not strip down to their g-strings? Not that I would, but I’m sure there are plenty of women in town that would have. Not once has the Ministerial Association brought a petition in to the city in regards to the fighting competitions. Nope. Not once.

Welcome back to Salem. Witch of the hour? A group of semi-clothed men from “Down Under.”

My only hope is that the people in Jamestown that are currently enraged by this remember it come election time. We need a few new faces in our city’s little political sphere.

Original story as it appeared in the local paper: Jamestown council votes 3-2 to cancel ‘Thunder’ dance show
The Associated Press release: N.D. City Council Cancels Male Dance Show
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