Oral Sex brings controversy

Rob over at Say Anything Blog posted a short post about an article from USA Today and all hell broke loose. The funny thing about this is that Rob’s post is entirely a quote from the USA Today Article followed only by the line “Bill Clinton: Role Model”. What’s even funnier is the stream of comments that that one little line of commentary started. If you get a chance to, go over to Say Anything and read the comments on this post.

I don’t think that there is much funnier than the whole Clinton vs. G.W. Bush argument. One got impeached, one arguably should have been. As far as the USA Today article, I don’t think that they were trying to say that Clinton made Oral Sex popular, but merely that the Clinton-Lewinsky bit made it a little less taboo to talk about in public. There is something about a President doing something and it becoming public that makes something a little less taboo than it used to be.

Also, there is some argument over whether we should be supporting oral sex as “safer” sex. Well… Except in a few instances, I think that oral sex is often accompanied by actual intercourse sex. Sure there are a few youngins that do the whole oral sex bit so that they can claim that they are virgins and because it is marginally safer than intercourse. I also know a few people that have anal sex because they believe that as long as the penis doesn’t enter the vagina, it isn’t sex. That’s a debate for another time.

As for Clinton, lets all put down the political views for a second and all the guys in the room give the man a standing ovation. How many of you wouldn’t want to do the same in his position?

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  1. It was supposed to be funny. Heck, I poke fun at Bush too.

    Libs have no sense of humor.

  2. Use the word sex in a header and people do a double take. I know I did… you should have seen it I’m sure it was commical. I was checking out your blog like I do periodically and let me say that I wasn’t expecting to see that as the top post title. But I digress, it is definitely funny that people get so worked up about the whole clinton oral sex thing. Who really cares anymore? He’s not even in office.

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