Quick Notes 10-27-05

I thought I would make a few quick notes on a few recent events, but did not feel that either really warrented the time it would take me to formulate full posts.

Note 1: Harriet Meirs withdraws as Supreme Court Justice Nominee.

This has to be the second dumbest thing that I have heard in recent days. This should have gone to confirmation hearings days after she was nominated and the Senate should have told her to get lost, but for this to all drag out so long that she just withdraws? Come on. The federal government is so mired in red tape and politics that it no longer functions at even a decent percent of its original grandeur.

Note 2: Prussian Blue

This is thee dumbest thing I have heard in recent days. The fact that there is so much talk of them is what assures me that it truly is the dumbest thing most people have heard of recently. Why give these girls any publicity?

Let me make one statement here. I believe that it is just fine if you want to be Proud of your heritage and of your race. African Americans have a very strong pride in their Heritage and entire month assigned to Black History Month. They also are “allowed” by society to proclaim their “Black Pride”. I see no problem with proclaiming your “White Pride”. Unfortunately, the term “White Pride” has become associated with the Nazi regime and the Aryan perversions. What the Lamb and Lynx(who names their girls thus?) girls are is some silly mix of both. I believe that their parents have brainwashed them and hopefully, they will grow out of it before they get hurt because of it.

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  1. I don’t think there is any problem with as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of others. Racial hatred, even if in a ‘joking’ manner, shouldn’t be done. Unfortunately, in the end, these two girls will only achieve one things – Making whites, and Germans look bad. I hope you’re right, and that their parents had brainwashed them.