Want to live somewhere quiet part 2

Appearantly my previous post accomplished two things. One it helped Tom Simpson at WebFeed Central find me. Tom is an old friend and co-worker from way back when we were the only two computer literate people employed by the local Radio Shack. Two, it seems to have sparked a little friendly debate about the pros and cons of living here in Jamestown, ND. Tom happens to have children, which I do not, so his point of view is a bit different from mine, but I think we agree on most. Take a look at his first post-reply to mine and his second.

Overall, I believe that living and working and running a business in North Dakota, and Jamestown in particular can be/is better than living in most large cities. The one major downside is the lack of the big city attractions. Which, if your used to Opera and NFL game, is a big detractor. However, if your into nature, we got plenty of wide open spaces to roam. And hell, gas is cheaper too.

So, basically, if you haven’t yet, consider North Dakota.

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  1. Hey Shane – interesting post… guess I haven’t paid attention this week. Why don’t we throw another wrench in this debate? My situation is a perfect example. (oh and for our readers… this is Jake from Supergeekblog.com and Olorinpc.com)

    Moving to Fargo was a must because of jobs. There just weren’t any in Jamestown where I had been for 5 years of College. Work is going pretty well, yet there is something lacking here in the big city.

    What makes small places like Jamestown great are the people you meet there and the relationships that develop. Now that I will be getting married in a year… I can more easily think of where I would like to raise my family. Quite frankly it would more likely be there than here in Fargo if the opprotunity became available.

    It is an interesting issue isn’t it? One with no real answer or our politicians would have come up with something by now to keep younger people here. (Trust me I sat through a couple of very boring meetings in Bismark during my ultra-political stage.)

    How does one balance a way of life in the future against the need for the recent college grad to make cash now? (Anyone figured this out leave me a msg on my site asap)


  1. […] I decided to repost my comments to a story on ThatEdeGuy’s blog. Mostly because he hit on a topic that is hot in North Dakota, but I feel has little useful things done about it in the political realm. He is advocating people moving to places like Jamestown. Now I might be repeating some of the comments below, but Fargo isn’t that bad. Been here about 2 months… and I find my fiancee and I spend most of our weekends going back to Jamestown to see the friends we made there. […]