Washington Monument Closed due to Bomb Scare

Appearantly I’ve had my head in the clouds this weekend as this is the first I’ve heard of a bomb scare at the Washington Monument. In fact, I was doing a little research on the Monument on Wikipedia and the history page listed it as being shut down on October 7th 2005 due to a bomb scare. That’s last Friday I thought. Where was I?

In any case, there was no bomb. Just a bomb threat. This is beginning to get a little rediculous. Why can’t we go without the threats? Why does New York have to mobilize such great numbers of officers to police the subway? Because of these silly bastards that think that violence will change the way the United States does business.

Message to the silly bastards: You’re the dumbest Fuckers I ever heard of. Why on earth would the United States of America change any of it’s policies towards other countries, the planet, your mother just because you blow up, or threaten to blow up someone or something? That’s just plain stupid. Look where it got Osama. Or Saddam for that matter. Go home to your wives and children and live a happy life. Your GOD will thank you as will mine.

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  1. Hey Ed. Couldn’t find your email on here so just thought I’d leave this in a comment. I was thinking about a get-together for ND bloggers during the Hostfest.


    Let me know if you’re interested.