Digg and Slashdot

There have been plenty of comparisons between the industry behemoth slashdot and the new, up and comer digg.

Jake over at SGB takes a look at a couple of articles and comes up with his own comparisons and comments.
Heck, I’ve even made a few comments on digg before.

And of course, I am going to again.

Slashdot vs. Digg:

Everybody keeps assuming that it’s one versus the other. Frankly, I think that the two will continue to live on side by side rather than at each other’s throats. Slashdot is to Digg as Darth Vader is to Luke. Slashdot paved the way for a site like Digg to come about. Digg took it so much further than Slashdot ever will.

With Digg’s new VC cash, the addition of more options and features will soon be announced. More categories are on the way! While I’m sure that Slashdot has added categories over the years, I don’t think that they will ever expand beyond their true geek roots.

Each has it’s own percieved problems. Slashdot suffers from a over-moderation and Digg the opposite. Slashdot sometimes suffers from an overpopulation in the comments as a result of it’s strict posting. If there are only one or two posts a day and 20,000 people read each post, then assume that 25% post a comment and then replies to comments… As anyone who has visited Slashdot knows, this makes the comments for any given post nearly impossible to traverse.
Digg on the other hand is nearly un-moderated so you see 10-20 posts to the main page easily in a day. The number of posts and the poor comment structure(no threads) means that digg posts very seldom get any decent discussion in the comments.

Both will continue to evolve, Digg with it’s newely found wealth and Slashdot as technology advances. Neither is going to take the other out. Both will still be around for quite sometime.

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