Edelet has a heart!

I don’t suppose that the fact that my child has a heart is all that spectacular of a revelation. The spectacular bit, as any parent can attest, is being able to hear said heart for the first time.
My wife and I had such an opportunity shortly before Thanksgiving. It is truly amazing. It also serves as a pretty solid reminder of the wonderful thing that is happening. Serves to concrete, or make more real, the fact that we are going to have a child. It is really quite incredible.
We’ve also begun discussing names and while we can come up with several girl names, we really can’t come up with any decent boy’s names. The main problem seems to be my(our) last name. Ede. Rhymes with weed, just without the ‘W’. So… Imagine taking your name and adding ‘eed’ onto the end of it.

Billeed. Tomeed. Willeed. Pauleed.

You get the picture. Very few names don’t get some action when the ‘eed’ is added. And frankly, I’d rather not give my child any reasons to be made fun of on the playground.

The front runners for boys at the moment? Arthur and Conner. Caveat? Arteed. Conneed. But Art and Con are not necessarily as easy to get to as Bill and Will are to William or Tom is to Thomas.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. I “would” suggest “Sucks”, because you can’t make much fun out of the joining of the first and last name, then, except for the fact that his first name would really “suck”.

    Have you considered Shane Jr.?

  2. Thatedeguy says

    I’ve never really been a fan of Jr.’s. I’m all for a family tradition middle name, but don’t think that I’ll do that either.

    Every time that I suggest a name that my wife thinks “Sucks” she then suggests “JockStrap” as a name and I quickly shut up.

  3. Try out the baby name wizard it might help you guys narrow the field a bit. It shows you when names were/are most common in time so you don’t end up with a child with the same name at a million other kids in their 1st grade classroom.

  4. Hrmm jockstrap doesn’t appear in that wizard…