Frog secretions may hold answer to AIDS

Tree FrogScientists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have discovered that secretions by certain frog species contain a peptide that blocks the AIDS virus.


[the] frog secretes large amounts of these antimicrobial peptides onto the surface of the skin to combat pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses.[…] During a hallway chat one day, [the scientists decided to] investigate whether any frog peptides have activity against human viruses, specifically HIV, the focus of Unutmaz’s group.

Red-Eyed Tree FrogMakes a person wonder why nobody has thought of it before. Scientists have found so many natural defenses of other species that have helped us with out many other diseases. I’m one of those people that when I find something that works, I exploit the heck out of it until I cannot anymore.

This news is a major scientific breakthrough and why more national coverage has not been seen I do not know. The scientists have recently received confirmation that the American Foundation for AIDS Research will begin funding their research into the peptides as a possible vaccine for the AIDS Virus.

Read the rest of the article here: Frog secretions block HIV infections

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  1. Do you know the name of the tropical Frog used by the scientist? Also, I read in one article that this information could be used to create a vaccine for AIDS. However, I remember hearing on the news that a vaccine had been developed for AIDS but it wasn’t effective on Caucasians. Was this vaccine ruled out?


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