It’s a bouncy Wagon!

So I fell off of the proverbial smoking wagon this weekend. Smoked more this weekend that I think I did when I was still a smoker. Made it most of two weeks with only one cigarette, then back track to that. Kinda dissapointing.

It’s kinda strange the things you notice though. For instance, I noticed that while I was a temporary smoker this weekend, my throat got all phlemy and my sinuses got all plugged up. Now, just two days later? I’m fine.

I still haven’t noticed any changes in my lung capacity, but I’ve heard that that could take a while. Can’t wait.

Should be a struggle to make it throught this coming weekend without smoking, but gonna try and do as best as I possibly can.

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  1. Well the smokers you hang out with this next weekend could try to smoke less themselves, and possibly increase their own health habbits.

  2. But wouldn’t a nice ummm smokey cigarette hit the spot right now? No no I’m just kidding don’t do that. It’s expensive and nasty man. Ever work out what you spend on cigs a month? Oh wait I just realized something… hehe… now I understand why your trying to quit smoking I think. Alrighty then good luck with that I hear you have to try a couple times to get it right but you’ll be rewarded in the end for it. Ask Joe about the whole smell thing and his carpet, that made me laugh.

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