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How I found out we were expecting

How I found out:

My wonderful wife went to the mall and bought What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Third Edition, then wrapped it up in a bag and gave it to me as a present.

We’re Having a Baby!


We found out around the 15th that we are expecting the first addition to our fledgling family. I can’t help but be excited, scared, downright nervous about the whole situation.
We have decided to not tell my parents until we see them in person over Thanksgiving which is the explanation of why this post and the ones following it are future posted to Turkey Day.

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A new site was unveiled the other day and boy does the idea have me excited…

Instead of fighting over which is better or which one will be the champion… Now we have, a site that combines, and all into one feed… And yes, they do have a feed. I haven’t quite figured all of it out yet as it doesn’t appear that all of the posts from all of the sites show up.(especially digg)

Overall, it might be interesting to see how the site grows and changes as it picks up steam…

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So, I started out by clicking an ad for I really didn’t have much as far as expectations because I’ve found that most of these sites are shysters anyways, but I really didn’t expect to be the one to expose them for shysters either.

As I perused the site, I noticed something a little funny on the testimonials site. Two of the pictures were taken in the same office, but were reported from two very different places(Oakland and Wichita). So what does any good netizen do? Post it on Digg. If you have a digg account, or haven’t heard of digg, go and digg this post. If you do nothing else, just read the comments. In a matter of 8 hours, not only did the owner of the site take the offending picture down, but he also faked a hacking of his site to try and take advantage of the digg users… That was kinda silly.

Let the world know that is a shyster site.

Each of the following are different links. I promise.
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