Starting a Business Episode 5

Very briefly, you have read about the beginnings of Distro of the Month. We shipped our first shipment on October 9th. We were super late for our first shipment because the company that we chose to have replicate the discs for us gave us a two week turnaround time which we found out later does not include shipping times. So… aside from a late first shipment, the first month went pretty well. We shipped our November shipment much more on time(Nov. 2nd) and seem to have gotten the order of things now such that we can continue to have timely shipments from now on.

There are still a lot of kinks to work out as well as trying to expand the subscription base. We are finding that there are a lot of expenses that we either didn’t see or didn’t plan for. The business itself is quite the money pit at the moment, but we are looking at a couple of options for cutting costs and also for bringing in more revenue.

That’s bout it for that. I’ll try and elaborate more here and there on some of the things we have done. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions as I’m sure that I can find an answer for most questions.

Also, Keep a look out as we have something else up our sleeves…

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  1. Hi thanks for the great information! I love the information on this blog. I have my business plan written up hopefully i can get everything up by the new year.