12 Days of Blogmass

So I stumbled upon a post by Jeneane Sessum at ALLIED entitled The 12 Days of Blogmass–Er… Christmas and it is hilarious. Hits on all the most recent news items. I’ll include the 12th day bit here.

On the twelvth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me,
Twelve Sifrys sifting,
Eleven Winers wining,
Ten Lockes-a-leaping,
Nine feeds-a-feeding,
Eight pods-a-casting
Seven passwords passing,
Six bloggers blogging,
Five Scoble Links!
Four photo uploads
Three google ads
Two saugeen strippers
And a new tag on technorati

Of course there are a full 12 verses, but I’ve never noticed how long that song is until you try and read it all. Nor how repetitive it is.

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