Colorado Kid

The Colorado Kid, by Stephen King, is a book written for the Hard Case Crime series. The series is meant to replicate the stories and look of the Pulp Fiction crimes stories of yesteryear. Since I’m not old enough to actually remember the Pulp Fiction crime stories, I cannot comment on whether they fulfill that or not.

What I can do is comment on the story as it is and as a Stephen King fan. In fact the only reason that I read this is because King wrote it. I’m glad I did.

Much like any other King novel that I have ever read, The Colorado Kid is very well written. The thing that I like the most about King stories is how well he gets into the minds of his characters and is able to express what they are thinking without perverting the point of view.

Colorado Kid consists of three main characters all discussing the case of the Colorado Kid. The Colorado Kid is a man that was found dead on a beach on a Maine Island. Found with no ID and no jacket on a cold April morning, mystery ensues. Did someone murder the Colorado Kid?

I must say that the book was excellent. The one little note that I would add is to make sure and read the afterword by the author. The ending of the book took me by surprise and made me a little mad, but the afterword explains it and once it is explained, it makes perfect sense.

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