Message to Comment Spammers

I realize that you probably use bots to do your dirty work, but really. When my site gets 25-30 comments in the matter of 5 minutes, and they all follow the same format, I usually get a little curious.

The name you use to post and your email doesn’t even match. There’s one line that says something wonderful about my site and then another that doesn’t make any sense at all. Usually you follow this up with 3-4 links to sites. Why? I’ve checked and there usually isn’t any affiliate code involved, so it’s got nothing to do with getting money from those sites. And most of those sites are legitimate sites.

I guess I just don’t understand.
What you should know is that I have comment moderation enabled and that all of these comments get marked as spam. There is only a very slight chance that your comment will ever actually get posted.

So Stop. It’s a waste of your time. And mine.

UPDATE: Obviously, comment spammers don’t read.

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