Predictions for 2006

Hey, everybody is doing it. I know, “if everybody jumped off of a bridge…”. But really, it’s kinda fun to play seer for a bit and look back at how wrong (or right) you were at the end of the year.

  1. Google ~ There’s at least one more card up their sleeve. I think that there will be one major purchase, and I’m putting my money on one of their current partners. Possibly Firefox. The Firefox partnership is so deep at this point, that it would really make fiscal sense for them to save the money that they currently pay Mozilla for advertising. Look for google’s stock price to drop radically to the tune of about 20% or more in the 3rd or 4th quarters.
  2. Microsoft ~ Look for Redmond to become a little more proactive in the “Web 2.0” front. I think that this is a pretty easy one considering the Live rollouts, but I think there are several small surprises yet to come from the Live line and possibly a few possible purchases. Their new partnership with MTV has the possibility to not only compete with, but to take over the iTunes dominated market. Also, look for MS to announce/leak several new products after the official releases of Office 12 and Vista.
  3. Apple ~ iPod’s kept Apple on top of everybody’s mind in 2005 and I think we’ll see one if not two more generations of that product. The big news for Apple this year will be the Intel switch over. Here’s where my crystal ball gets a little fuzzy though. I don’t see Apple’s computer market share holding steady, but I’m not sure whether it will take off or begin to dwindle. I’m betting on it taking off for the first few months and then dwindling as people realize that there really isn’t anything all that great to get all excited over.
  4. Generalities ~ Thats the big three, now lets take a look at some other tidbits.
    • Blogging and the Blogosphere will reach a pseudo critical mass in the early half of 2006. The stories that we keep hearing about how people are making mass amounts of money will start to dwindle. The continued creation of Blog networks is going to act much in the same way as the growth of google and Yahoo to squeeze out the smaller search engines. A lot of us smaller bloggers will still be around, we just won’t be able to get the traffic and revenues that the bigger networks are able to get.
    • Web 2.0 or the companies that comprise it will begin to level off, but we will still see at least 6 new companies with great ideas make it big. Look for Ebay to try and make another big splash here with a universal feedback system much like the one native to Ebay.

There’s plenty more that I could touch on, but really those are the big things that I see happening in the year to come. I could be completely wrong, but really this is just a for fun exercise in future reading anyways.

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