Reflections on 2005

Darren over at posted a end of the year summary for Problogger and gave me a little inspiration to do my own.

When I began this blog in early August (prompted by a visit to oddly enough) of this year, I had very little idea what I was getting into. Darren makes it sound so easy. The learning curve for doing this on your own domain and doing all of your own administration is pretty steep. I’m a techie, so that helps.

I still don’t have the most clear of directions for, but it’s beginning to form. I’m now averaging about 30 unique hits a day. More, depending on which stats engine you use. I’ve been hosting this site with GoDaddy since September and the stats engine they use is slightly less than I could have hoped for. I’ve been using the free service from and have been very happy with it. The thing I like most is the ability to create a blocking cookie so that my own visits don’t count as hits.

I managed to switch over to feedburner for my feeds so that I could keep a little closer track of the subscriber count and have honestly been pleasantly surprised. After just one day, the count stands at 9 with only 2 of them being my own machines. 7 other subscriptions is quite nice for only 5 months. It doesn’t really compare with the rapid rise of a site the likes of Techcrunch, but thatedeguy is nowhere near as focused as Techcrunch either.

Overall, I’d say that it has been a quick 5 months, and now that most of the learning curve is done, I expect to make lots of improvements in 2006.

Make sure that you read Darren’s little announcement at the end of that post. He’s gonna be a daddy too. Congratulations Darren.

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