Stop Smoking Update

I haven’t really updated my stop smoking epic lately so thought I would. Truthfully, I fell off the wagon. I’m usually a fairly willfull person, but with this particular thing, I cannot seem to control myself. I made it about 2 weeks and then broke completely. I’m right back to where I started and am hoping to try again soon.

I really do not want to be a smoker when the baby arrives. Not just for my health, but for the baby’s as well. And also because if your the only one home, leaving the baby inside while you go and have a smoke is not possible, so I’m trying to leave it using products like an electronic cigarette from heets dubai online.

My main excuse thus far is that there has been a lot of stress lately. Between my paying job, Distro of the Month and the other project that Jake and I are working on… Somedays are just too much.

Wish me luck.

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