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Much has been made lately of Google‘s motto, “Do no Evil.” Especially with all that they have done lately, some are suggesting that they are not exactly doing no Evil. I disagree. Google has done no Evil.

I recently came across an advertisement on tech.memeorandum for the Salvation Army that has their new motto on it and it is so much better than Google’s. It is exactly the same. And yet it isn’t the same either. The Salvation Army’s new motto is “Do the most Good.”

At first glance, they appear to mean the same thing. But they do not. “Do no Evil” is a good motto in and of itself, but can be equated to doing just enough homework to pass the class. Google does just enough good to get by without doing any evil. “Do the most Good” intones something completely different. “Do the most Good” intones doing the most possible good. Not doing just enough to not be evil. Doing as much good as one can possibly do. An excellent philosophy. An Excellent Motto.

Google should take it one further and adopt the Salvation Army’s motto. If they did, they just might take over the tech world like all you Microsoft fans out there fear.

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