This is what we have to look forward to

I can only imagine that this very same situation will arise sometime in the next several years as the Edelet joins the family. I’m not even going to quote any of it here. You’ll just have to read it all yourself. Am I wrong to find this absolutely the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks?

Here it is.

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  1. That is about the best thing I have read all week. I am also tickled by the fact that the related post is google/microsoft. Growing pains? hmmm well the edelet will be here soon enough.

  2. Hey brat child. Don’t call my grandbaby an edelet! Where is the picture you were supposed to post for me to see?

  3. No pictures yet. Next month. sometime around the 19th of January. Doctor said it will be a little bit bigger and we’ll be able to have a little clearer picture of the Edelet.


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