Edelet gets an Ultrasound

The day that my wife and I (and everyone else) had been waiting for finally came. We got to go get the ultrasound done today. I’ll post all three of the pics below. Based on the measurements and so forth that they took during the ultrasound, the estimated due date is June 13, 2006 and they estimate that the Edelet weighs in at about 10oz right now. Needless to say, my wife wasn’t all that happy when I reminded her that it was only going to gain about 6-7 lbs in the next 19 weeks.

Here are the pictures:

Edelet Ultrasound Edelet Ultrasound3Edelet Ultrasound2

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  1. dear kids…my reply is that I am ecstatic about having another great- grandchild…Jamie has one due mid-Feb, so yours will make #5!!!!!!!!!!yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!…GOOD JOB!..STILL SORRY ABOUT MY RESPONSE WHEN YOU CAlled at christmas..ha ha..guess I need to hear your voice more often..jer and your mom knew it had TO BE you!!!

  2. Awe…cute…s/he has your eyes. 🙂

  3. and your uhhhhhhh?
    All of the stoudts, born and un-born!
    See you in the hospital, we’ll be the ones next door.

  4. how thrilling to finslly see my first grand child it is so amazing what they can do these days in knowing the weight and all. right now he/she would fit in my coffee cup. it makes it so much more real now to see these pictures. i’m so excited and am planning a trip when the time comes. love all three of you and my little doggie grand children too. send more pic’s as you get them. i’ll chech here for updates now that i know it’s here. mom

  5. the middle man says

    well hopefully it doesnt have a huge head like shane cause id feel real sorry for ann. looking good bro, sounds to crazy to be true. good luck guys.


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