Jennie joins the Blogosphere

Jake’s fiance Jennie has finally given in and started her own blog. It’s quite the step for her as she’s been giving Jake and I such a hard time about being such geeks.

Now she’s one too. Take a look at her new blog. Leave her a comment and let her know you visited.

Welcome to the Blogosphere Jennie!

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Shane Ede is an IT guy by day and a Entrepreneurial Blogger by night. You can follow him here on Thatedeguy or over on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Real cute guys! Hey, I’m marrying a geek, might as well join the geek world a tish…Little tish! Thanks for all your help thatedeguy!

  2. Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.


  1. […]     Here is the orig post from Ede – once again hun… we welcome you to the ranks of bloggers and your first steps towards greatness. (Geekness is next to greatness.)   [link] […]