Maybe there is a spoon after all

There are days when I wish that I lived a little closer to where the action happens. A little closer to Silicon Alley. I’ve just been reading about the Tablet/Blogger Gathering at Scobleizer and Incremental Blogger and it sounds like an excellent time.

The new age of Internet, whether you call it Web 2.0 or not, is about things like that. It’s about a group of people, most of whom have nothing more in common than the fact that they like to use Tablet PC’s or that they blog, getting together and hanging out like they are old high-school buddies. It’s about the openess that the new architecture of the Internet has brung. It’s about the ability to actually e-mail someone like Robert Scoble and actually get a reply even though he surely doesn’t know who the hell I am.

It is a social revolution that has been brought about by the abilities that Web 2.0 has brought us. The ability to socially “digg” links and share them with the world. The ability to create content on the fly. The increased ease and ability of publishing content so the world can hear your voice.

What a wonderful concept the “new” internet is. What a euphoric high it gives.

Don’t suppose you guys want to meet in North Dakota next time do you?

No? Didn’t think so.

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