Press Release: Cindy Sheehan dubbed a traitor!

Ok, I guess it’s only really a press release if you consider me, as a blogger, a journalist. Rob at Sayanything happened to catch a tasty little tidbit on that illustrious traitor, Cindy Sheehan. I have to admit that I was a little mad about the whole “bring our troops home” bit. This newest bit, however, has taken me way past that. She’s lucky that we have the right to denounce our country the way that she does. The point is made in Rob’s post that if she were a citizen of Venezuela and denounced Venezuala or Chavez, she would most likely end up in jail or worse.

Of course the problem is that if the White House does anything about it. Like try her for treason, then they get the short end of the stick and every civil rights activist in the world would be all over them. What’s even sadder is that people listen to her. She is one person. There are just as many mothers who had their children die in a war that don’t feel the same way that she does. It’s time for Cindy to shut up. Go hide somewhere before someone hides you.

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  1. Cindy Sheehan is just the latest”useful fool” being supported by anti american elemts-she did not raise her heroic son Casey who was raised by his father and stepmother who are proud of his military service.Her meeting with Chavez shows exactly what she is -a disloyal american who aids and abeets our enemies every bit as much as Hanoi Jane and Traitor Kerry