Scoble’s searching for emails…

Appearantly Scoble was trying to contact someone… Couldn’t find any contact info on that person’s website. So what does any good “edge case” do? Enter Google, Yahoo, or MSN. A simple search will oftentimes turn up a contact of some sort for the person you’re looking for. Robert wants to make it simpler though…

But, this all got me thinking. What if we could get things into search engines? What if we could just post one post with all the stuff you’d want to appear in Google or MSN or Yahoo for when people search for your name? Wouldn’t that be cool? I think so. It’d let me get some sleep.


Here’s my post for the search engines:

Robert Scoble’s email:
Robert Scoble’s cell phone: 425-205-1921
Robert Scoble’s mailing address: 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052
Robert Scoble’s birthday: 1/18/1965
Robert Scoble’s best friend: Dave Winer
Robert Scoble’s significant other: Maryam Ghaemmaghami (married November 2, 2002).
Robert Scoble’s offspring: Patrick Scoble (born January 14, 1994).

I don’t think that I really want that much of my info floating around the net, but I’ll play along with a few of the more simpler bits.

Shane Ede’s Email:

Shane Ede’s Mailing Address: 914 2nd Ave. NE, Jamestown, ND 58401

Shane Ede’s Birthday: 9/14/1979

Thats it though. I really don’t see any good point for the rest to be floating around out there. Scoble also suggests putting our own names into the search engine.

By the way, have you searched for your name lately on Google? They’ve been displaying more stuff lately.

I did. Appearantly, there is a fairly well known watch repairman in Canada that shares my name. In all honesty, I use Thatedeguy as my online “handle” much more than I ever use Shane Ede. So maybe I should add the following to the post:

Thatedeguy’s Email:

Thatedeguy’s Mailing Address: 914 2nd Ave. NE, Jamestown, ND 58401

Thatedeguy’s Birthday: 9/14/1979

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