Top Ten Lies lists

It all started with the Top Ten lies of Venture Capitalists then moved on to the Top Ten lies of Entrepreneurs and now we have the Top Ten Blogger lies.

Some comments…

The top ten lies of Venture Capitalists is really a list of the top ten ways a Venture Capitalist tries to let the Entrepreneur down easy.

The top ten lies of Entrepreneurs are spot on. And quite hilarious.

And the Top Ten blogger lies list is also hilarious. Let me comment on them one at a time…

  1. I really am not an A-Lister
  2. I really, really do care about traffic. The more the better. I can’t think of anything that I would like better than to have to purchase a better hosting plan because my traffic went through the roof.
  3. If I say that I have read your blog, it probably means I have at least once read one of your posts.
  4. I started blogging in August of 2005. I once had a very simple and archaic html page though.
  5. My blog does have a slight commercial agenda…
  6. The only experiment going on with my ads is placement.
  7. I think A-lister is a fine term
  8. I’m proud to be a D-Lister. No, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be an A-Lister
  9. Just because I would love it if he linked to me, doesn’t mean he can’t be a blog hero
  10. I’m married so it really doesn’t matter if she’s single. (besides, chances are she’s thousands of miles away.)

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