Traps to avoid whilst blogging

Barry Bell wrote a pin-point post on 5 blogging traps to avoid in 2006. I’ve been caught in at least 4 out of those 5 traps in the last 6 months. Multiple times.

I was actually beginning to fall into the first trap again when I read this. My habit is to read other blogs while I am looking for something to write about myself and most of the time, I end up not writing anything at all. What I do end up doing is surfing around for a couple of hours reading other blogs…

Take a look at the 5 traps. It’s solid advice whether you are planning on doing the “problogger” thing or not.

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  1. Thanks for the link there. That post was all about me, and I guess it resonates in a bunch of other people, too.


  2. Good advice…I get lost in other blogs and feel I pale in comparison. Thanks for the link.

  3. My cardinal sin is also trap number one – reading too much and writing too little. To change that, I’m paring down my Newsgator feed list (I still have several hundred feeds) and limiting the time I spend reading each day. Less time reading, more time writing. I need to do better at that – especially since part of my job is to blog about professional blogging! Thanks for sharing your ideas about that excellent post.

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