V7ndotcom Elursrebmem (part 2)

So I’ve tried to ignore this SEO contest by v7n, but I cannot. I still am not planning on participating, even though Tom seems to think that v7ndotcom Elursrebmem is great fun. So, until I decide on whether I really want to participate at all or not, I thought I would give an update or two on the contest.

Appearantly, the total prize is up to $7000 and a 30GB iPod now. Of course the initial $4000(plus ipod) and an extra $3000 that’s been offered as long as the contestant doesn’t link to v7n.com. Of course the v7n guys probably aren’t all that happy about it but are being gracious. Appearantly, they’ve backed off their demands for a link to just having the link “we support v7n” in a banner or text link.

So, grand total of $7000 and a 30 GB ipod? Awfully convincing. I’m still thinking on it. I really don’t think that I have the SEO skills to partake and even come close.

Also, the contest seems to have brought out the best in a few people as the #2 ranked(as of this post) v7ndotcom Elursrebmem site has commited all the prize money to charity. He also has a pretty good handle on the rules and is worth a read.

Total Google links as of this post: 32,500

Does anyone else have an opinion on whether I should participate? I’m thinking that if I were to, it would have to be a subpage of this blog somehow. Not sure exactly. It would also seem to be something that would take over this blog for a while, as the contest goes until May.

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  1. My only resevervations is the competition may just become a link war, this would the just make a mockerey of SEO.

  2. I realy appreciate your efforts for v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest.
    I am also particpating in the contest with
    it would be a great fun.!”So Let The Race Begin”