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Title complete nonsense to you? Well, it won’t be for long. Let me explain. The site v7n.com, of which I am fairly unfamiliar with is running a “contest”. An SEO contest to be exact. The idea is to set up a web site and see who can get the highest search engine pagerandk using the phrase “v7ndotcom elursrebmem”. So what do you win? How about $4000.00 and an iPod.

Not bad. If your a natural sceptic like me you might ask why they are running this contest. Well, if you think about it really hard… Ok, I’ll tell you why. It’s a marketing ploy. Between the word of mouth traffic they will get from people clamoring to jump into the contest and the fact that their domain name is in the “phrase” will be enormous. Extra traffic means extra revenue. Because of this contest their ROI will be at least 10 fold.

Now, at this point I have no intentions of participating in this “contest” but I happen to know someone who is. And I figure I’ll help him out if I can, so here’s a link for you Tom. Check out Tom’s great v7ndotcom elursrebmem site! All I really want is the ipod… 😉 Just Kidding! Good luck with the contest.

Here’s where Tom Talks about joining the contest…

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  1. Thank You, Shane! I haven’t mentioned anything about paying people for links. If I actually “do” pull off first place, somehow, I have a feeling that I’d owe a lot of people.

    I realized that it was all marketing, but I wasn’t going to let the chance to have a little “geek fun” pass me by.

  2. well, I don’t *really* expect anything in return. I just figured if I wasn’t going to play, I could help out a little.

  3. Well, Ede, you’re at #9 on Yahoo (at least), for this post. That beats mine…

  4. Very nice blog I wish you the best of luck in this seo contest.
    At this point in time March 12th 2006 you can find my seo contest site at position 52 in this contest.
    All though this v7ndotcom elursrebmem seo contest is starting to look like a back link race if
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  1. […] It looks like some fellow bloggers have started linking in to v7ndotcom elursrebmem. Actually, there’s quite a few, but some of them actually lead to “this” site, now. Our first link in was posted at 10:16am by a skeptic named Shane. I’m sure that there are plenty more on the way, and it’ll be interesting to see how this site does once Google starts to crawl all of the v7ndotcom elursrebmem sites. […]

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